Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For Kids

Good things come in little packages... This holiday season, Lux in Liv is making "checking your list" easy with gifting tips for everyone.

The fourth installment of our Holiday Gift Guide Series is here! Our "Gift Guide for Kids" shares suggestions to put together luxurious, memorable gifts for all your little friends and family members. 

 1. Kid's Slippers 2. Detangling Brush 3. Ponchos For The Whole Family
4. Baby Cape 5. Kid's Bathrobe 6. Spa Baskets

1. Happy Feet

Who doesn’t love a comfy pair of slippers? Our Luin Living Kids Slippers are as durable as they are soft. They can be machine-washed over and over again! The Kids Slippers are a great item to pair with pajamas or our Luin Living Kids Bathrobes and Ponchos.

The Kids Slippers come in 3 sizes:
Size 12.5-1 typically fits children 3-6 years old
Size 1-3 typically fits children 6-8 years old
Size 3-4.5 typically fits children 10+ years

2. Gentle Detangling Brush

Make the task of grooming your kid's hair stress free and AND pain free with Luin Living's Gentle Detangling BrushThe distribution of pins creates ideal geometry for detangling and brushing without pulling your little one's locks, and the pins are free of edges so they won't break or damage hair. After each use it's easy to clean too!

3. The Post-Bath Poncho For The Family

Every parent knows you only have a few seconds to dress your little ones after a bath. Make those few seconds easier by gifting a Luin Living Kid’s Poncho Towel. Perfect for little family members, these ultra luxe poncho towels are easy to put on and stay put even during playtime.  They feature big pockets for toys and treasures, and teddy bear ears on the hood for extra smiles.  Each piece is Oeko-Tex certified, which guarantees no harmful substances are used in their production. 
The Kid’s Poncho Towel comes in 2 sizes: Ages 1-5 & 5-10 
The Adult Unisex Ponchos comes in 2 sizes: XS-M & L-XL

4. Bath Time with Baby

Made of fluffy, water-absorbent signature cotton, our Luin Living Baby Cape Towel is perfect for warmly wrapping up baby for post-bath cuddles. The baby cape can be used for many years (up to age 5 approx.) and its ability to convert from towel to cape provides fun for toddler playtime after bathing! 
Baby’s skin deserves the best: first class Oeko-Tex certification guarantees no harmful substances are used in its production.

5. Kid's Bathrobe

Kids love to feel like grown ups. Gift little friends and relatives a Luin Living Kids Bathrobe, designed just like their adult counterpart. Luin Living’s Kids Bathrobes are made of super soft, fluffy and water-absorbent signature cotton towel material.  All products are Oeko-Tex certified, which guarantees no harmful substances are used in their production. 
Bonus: Add initials to a set of Luin Living Bathrobes for the whole family!

6. Clean Up, Clean Up 

The Luin Living Spa Basket is a great item to fill with bath toys for a holiday gift. Mom is sure to thank you for helping her teach her little ones to tidy up and store their toys. These beautiful, soft baskets are made of absorbent material that allows them to store wet items right out of the bath - no more cluttered, toy-strewn tubs! They can be used on a counter or hung from a wall for convenience. 
Available in large and small sizes.