The Basket Every Interior Designer Is Installing This Fall

This year, fall certainly looks different. Whether it means back-to-school, back to the office or staying home, organization is a great tool to fall back on in order to bring peace, normalcy and productivity into your home. While spring cleaning might have been a chore, you're guaranteed to fall in love with organization when you see our gorgeous Neo baskets, the perfect combination of style and storage.

Neo baskets are one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork, handwoven in Italy using Neoprene yarn. The baskets' neoprene construction not only makes for an eye-catching, unique texture to layer into your home design, it is extremely durable and easy to clean.

A favorite among top interior designers, Neo baskets come in stylish colors to elevate any room and a range of sizes for all of your organizational needs. 

Below, find some of our favorite ways to tidy up with Neo!

HC22 Basket

(pictured in top row)

Available in white and black, the HC22 basket is 15.5in x 11in and woven with Neo's signature neoprene yarn and natural hemp. This basket is perfect as a catch-all for magazines and coffee table clutter. It also makes a great place for the kids to store their schoolbooks in the evening.

CPL5 Basket

The CPL5 basket is your answer to a place for small, breakable items cluttering up your countertops! The soft neoprene yarn creates a plush bed for glasses, nail polish and other small items. This basket is available in pearl gray, blue, gray, black and red. It measures 8.6in x 3.2in. 

 C12 Basket

If your homes are anything like ours, the shoe situation can get out of control VERY quickly. Sure, you could enforce your family members putting their shoes away on shelves, but a big basket is the easiest way to keep from cluttering your doorway. Plus, the durable material of the basket means it can be used indoor and outdoor. Give the neoprene material a quick wipe-down between seasons as you change out your shoes! This basket is 21.5in x 8.6in and available in gray, ecru, black, blue, pearl gray and white

The C12 basket is also a great size for larger workout equipment like yoga mats. Pair it with HC22 basket for the perfect home gym storage duo.

CPL10 Basket

The CPL10 basket is 10.2in x 7.5in, making it perfect for bathroom storage. Pop your facial towels or hand towels in the CPL10 basket to add function and style to your bathrooms. This basket is available in gray, pearl gray, blue, black and red

Do you have an organizational project that requires a different size basket? Check out the rest of our Neo styles here!

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