The Step in Your Daily Skin Routine You May Be Missing

Starting that year-long Covid defrost in one...two..three. 
As the world and society slowly open their doors again, people are getting prepared both mentally and physically. They are starting to see more friends, eat out, ride the subway, sit among strangers, and do those day-to-day nuances that were somewhere lost over this past year. We are going from pause to fast-forward in no time at all, and I’m here to help with some skincare routines I’ve incorporated to be ready and fresh-faced for when I essentially run into everyone.  
To make things simple, I have broken down my regime from morning to night and by frequency in the week. To start, I wash my face every morning with a cleanser, well actually a soap bar. I made the switch from a face cleanser in a bottle (where you have no idea the full ingredients) to one that has simple, easy-to-digest ingredients. The bar that im currently obsessed with is the Luin Living Soap Bar. These ingredients include- coconut oil, juniper berry, lingonberry essential oil, and Himalayan salt. Making the switch to a truly clean beauty cleanser is the step in my skincare routine that has changed my complexion, got rid of my pesky blemishes, and has helped calm my irritated, winter skin. To get the best effect, I run it under warm water for a few seconds then lather it on my face.
Next, I apply a Vitamin C serum. I do this every other day due to its high potency.  Vitamin C has helped with my sun spots and hyperpigmentation.  I’ve incorporated it into my weekly plan because of the anti-aging benefits and glowing results too. After that, I put a dab of eye cream for dark circles or the occasional puffiness and then apply my moisturizer with SPF to save me the extra step. Currently, I am loving the lotus day cream from Fresh because it’s super lightweight and acts as a protective barrier all day long!
After the long day, I take off my makeup with the handy Luin Living Soap Bar cleanser and let it work its magic again. I swear it feels like I’m getting a mini facial every time. For my nighttime serum, I’m hooked on the Midnight Oil from Kiehl’s and use it religiously before bed. I try to keep it simple at night so stick to a serum only. 
For more clean beauty and soap suggestions, take a look at other Luin Living favorites below!



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