What's Hiding in Your Old Towels?

We all know the magic numbers of how long things in our homes last - we ideally change out our mascara every 3 months, get a new mattress every 10 years, replace our kitchen sponge every 2 weeks. But, what about towels? 

You might think the time for replacement is when they start fraying or getting holes, but have you noticed yours losing absorbency in the last couple years?

Depending on quality, it’s time for a new set just about every 2 years. Read on to learn the surprising reasons Lux in Liv has declared April: Change Out Your Towels Month. We promise, you’ll be ready to upgrade by the end of the article.

Remember that Fluffy Feeling?

It’s safe to say most of us use our towels every day to several times a week. Just as a fun mug or a new flavor of Nespresso pods can start your day on a high note, a fluffy towel helps you set the right tone for your day. 

As towels age, they lose their absorbency and become far less fluffy.

Why scrimp on something that you use every day, when an indulgently cozy towel can immediately improve your mood?  At Lux in Liv, we encourage our customers to make simple upgrades and changes in their lives that have maximum impact on improving their daily life! 

Most People Aren’t Properly Washing Their Towels

It’s likely that you, like many, have made one or more of the following mistakes:

  • Bleaching your towels
  • Not washing towels prior to use to bring out their maximum absorbency
  • Using fabric softener (this will weaken the properties of natural fibers over time)

Have you noticed you need to run your towel over your body several times, or it has a weird smell even after only one use?  

Towels should be washed every 3 uses, and before you put them in the hamper, make sure you hang them to try completely otherwise you run the risk of spreading bacteria to the rest of your clothes- gross!

Bacteria Has Found a New Home 

Towels tend to harbor more bacteria than our clothes do.

We won’t go too in depth here, but suffice it to say that an item that goes between being soaking wet and dry every day for years on end can end up harboring a lot of bacteria and other gross things- and we use these towels on our faces!  

We use our towels when we have guests, when we’re sick, and sometimes when we’re busy we forget about that load of laundry in the wash.  We end up having to work harder to get the mildew out, but, is it really gone?

Hot water alone won’t kill the bacteria though.  Since we don’t recommend using bleach, try adding white vinegar to your wash.  This will help to not only kill bacteria, but it helps to strip away detergent buildup and get your towels back to the fluffy feel they once had.

Out with the Old, In with the New… but Where Exactly is Out?

Did you know there are many options for donating your used towels?  Goodwill and Salvation Army locations will generally accept towels.  If you don’t have time to drop off, Pickup Please will come to you.

You can also donate your more well-loved towels to many local animal shelters to use as pet bedding and cleanup rags. 

Call your local animal shelter for more information. 

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