While you’re home, here are some things to shop for

Looking for some items to cozy up your home, enhance your skincare routine, or organize your space while you're social distancing? We’ve put together a list of our favorite items for you to shop!

Everything Self Care

RICA Fennel + Rosehip Face Serum

Routine can be one helpful way for us to cope with this extraordinary circumstance. Now that you are home all day, use this time to up your skincare routine with this quick absorbing treatment.  This serum was created from organic oils high in vitamin C and E, omega 3 and beta carotene and infused with fennel and calendula to slow the formation of wrinkles and aid cellular repair.  Apply it in the morning before your favorite moisturizer to reap the beauty benefits while you work.  

RICA products are made without synthetic preservatives, colorants, parabens, sulfates or petroleum.


RICA Bathtub Tea

Relieve stress with a gingermint-scented bath!  

We’ve made it a habit to unwind with a bath each night to calm ourselves.  This 3-in-1 bath time treat is a botanical medley of eight skin-softening herbs. Simply fill the reusable muslin bag with herbs and steep in the tub to enjoy a little aromatherapy. After your bath, you can use the pouch as an herb-filled exfoliating wash cloth.

Loungewear is the New Business Casual

Luin Living Bathrobe

A few weeks at home means no office clothes!
Swap out trousers for Turkish cotton. This luxuriously fluffy and soft bathrobe is the perfect way to pamper yourself, and it makes a great work from home uniform.

Luin Living Casual Poncho

Switch up your jeans and sweater for leggings and a Luin Living Casual Poncho. The poncho's large hood, pockets and snaps on both sides make it even more relaxed to wear.

Office supplies that are as functional as they are pretty 

NEO CPL2 Baskets

Looking to spruce up your home work station? We’ve got you covered. Sort through your junk drawer and find a spot for all the little knick knacks. These hand woven neoprene yarn baskets are as functional as they are stylish.

Luin Living Oasis Rug - 24x31

Start your day on the right foot… on the right rug. Looking to add coziness to any room in your house? Hygge is the answer. Luin Living’s Oasis Decorative Rug is a unique piece of art made of 100% recycled materials that looks perfect next to your bed, under your work from home set up, or thrown over a chair for extra comfort.

Luin Living Sunshine Candle

Bring sunshine and the smell of spring into your home with a Luin Living natural soy wax candle. With a burning time of 60 hours, your home will float you away to somewhere warm and sunny for weeks!  Sustainability is always a priority for us, so we love that the wooden lid can be reused later as a coaster.  

Luin Living Handmade Natural Lotion Bar

Work Station Hydration. As you continuously wash your hands, don’t forget to moisturize! 

Luin Living's handmade Natural Lotion Bar is a unique combination of the world´s most nurturing skin care ingredients. Made with Coconut oil and Cacao butter, and mixed with antioxidant rich, wild-grown Bilberry, the natural lotion bar is a great addition to keep at your new work station. Just break a piece off, warm it in your hands and apply to your skin when needed! 

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